Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Friske Christmas

Let's get caught up!  It might take a couple posts, but we'll get there!  First post = Friske family Christmas.  Due to Russell's job at the church, we spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Tulsa every year with Russell's family.  We were so excited to spend it with the newest addition, our little niece Garner this year!  It's so weird to think that this was our last year to wake up on Christmas morning with just the 2 of us!  Next year we'll have a little 6 month old!  Crazy!  Anyway, here's some highlights of the festivities!
Copper in the Christmas spirit, waiting for his special treats!
Prego Christmas pic! We'll get a bigger tree next year! :)
Our nephew Grayson got a cowboy hat from us and bandana and boots from Grandma and Poppy.  Once he put it all on he said, "I'm Woody!"  He was so excited!
Uncle Russell helping Grayson open gifts!
Oh Tim... we love you.  Work on those guns.
Our precious niece Garner... awake and alert!
Grayson the tool man!
My father-in-law who Grayson named "Poppy" got this to take to his office.  It is the coolest thing ever.  Motion detected candy dispenser!  Genius!
Russell's big gift... a duck blind.  It's like a coffin and you lay in it until you see some ducks, then you open those panels, pop up, and shoot.  Can you tell he was excited?!
Playing rock band... Grayson's a natural!
How cute is this kid?!  I just love him!!!
My father-in-law got #2 in dirty Santa.  He spent the whole game trying to convince people to steal the cookbook and baking sheet he got.  In the final move of the game, that gift did get stolen and he went for the last wrapped gift instead of stealing anything.  What does he get?  A snuggie!!  And a maroon one at that!  Needless to say, he was not happy.  But we all died laughing when he put it on and starting acting like a priest or something!  Ha!  Also notice Uncle Jerry in the background with a pair of bug zappers.  Great dirty Santa gift if anyone needs any ideas for the future. Lol
As usual we were spoiled by Russell's parents with clothes (maternity for me, yay!), gift cards, hunting stuff for Russell, a new camera for me, and much more!  They are too good to us every year!  I feel like I've won the lottery when I come home and unload everything!  We also enjoyed a trip to the Christmas train at Dry Gulch with this crew.  Grayson would hear the train, stop in his tracks, and put his hand to his ear to listen to it.  Then he would exclaim, "Choo! Choooooo!"  Too cute.  I'm officially obsessed with him and have decided if our baby is a little boy I will do just fine!  :)  Next to catch up on... a trip to New Orleans to see the Boswell clan!  That's coming soon!


  1. Love your blog! Next Christmas for you and your family will be amazing with the new baby! Hope things are going well with the pregnancy!


  2. I see the new family room curtains! They do look nice!!