Thursday, December 23, 2010

10 pictures = Frustrated Husband

I have been taking weekly pictures of my baby bump, and promised not to show another one til it looked more like baby and less like bloat.  Well, to any unsuspecting person this bump may just look like I've got a little extra in the middle.  But after looking at myself in the mirror more times than I probably ever have in my life, comparing my bump to others' online, and resorting to a rubber band on my favorite pair of jeans, I decided that this is definitely a baby bump and not a bloated bump anymore.

Only problem?  Getting a good picture of said baby bump.  I learned something... 10 pictures = a frustrated husband.  Of course he thinks I look great, don't look fat, thinks every picture is good.  But I don't.  I kept repositioning my arms, my head, the direction I was facing, etc.  Then I thought it would be good to hold up a little sign that said "14 weeks" for easier tracking of the pictures we've been taking.  Well that caused even more problems with my t-shirt not showing off the bump very well, etc.   So finally after 10 tries, Russell gave up with a "surely you can pick one of these."  I almost didn't post b/c I hate these pictures so much.  But like I've said before, document I must.  So here's what I'm apprehensive to show you...
And just think... there are 9 others that are even worse than this one!  Russell had the idea to face forward with the 14 weeks sign and then do one from the side to use my hands to show off the bump.  So those are the ones I ended up liking more than me awkwardly holding the sign and flattening out my t-shirt.  So here's the one from the front...
Prison photo much?  I felt like I was posing in the line-up at the county jail for this one.  At least my laughter at myself brought my hubby's spirits up a little bit.  So there you have it folks, 14 weeks.  I'm definitely looking forward to future belly photo shoots... hoping they won't take as long since the belly will be easier to detect as we go along.  But I'm not really looking forward to getting bigger everywhere else.  I didn't gain any weight between the 8 & 12 week doctor appointments, but we'll see what happens at our 16 week appointment.  Not that I'm keeping an eye on it at all... hence the brownie I'm about to devour.  Christmas food, bring it on! 


  1. You look very cute and so happy! YAY for having a little bump! :)

  2. I agree with Amy, you look cute and HAPPY!!! I love my little grandbaby bump!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute!!! I bet Russell wasn't very frustrated, he loves you two too much!!! Yay!! You two!!!

  4. You are adorable and you look fantastic!!