Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heartbeat at Home

So... I know the doctor told us to wait a few weeks before using the at-home doppler to listen to the heartbeat so that we wouldn't get frustrated if we couldn't find it, BUT I was just too anxious.  So on Tuesday of last week we decided to give it a shot and SUCCESS!  We both were so excited to listen to our baby's little (fast) ticker.  We've listened to it every day since!  My sister got to listen to it on Wednesday night and she loved it too!  It's just the neatest thing ever.  Since I can't feel the baby yet, it's fun to listen to its heartbeat and feel a connection that way.  I'm so excited to bring the doppler with me next week when we go visit my parents so they can hear their little grand-baby!  So fun!  In case you were wondering, the doppler looks like this:
It's so easy to use and so fun!  I recommend any future mommy's to get one!  We love it!

On another note, we just wrapped up a great semester of Tippi Toes dance classes!  Our dancers were cute little "peppermint candy canes" dancing for their parents this past week.  I am looking forward to a week of working from home in my pj's and recital planning!  I love looking at all the cute costumes like this one...
If this baby is a boy, I sure hope I have a girl at some point so they can wear fun costumes like this and dance with me!!  Heck, I'll make a boy dance too... at least when he's little.  :)

Russell's sister and her family are in town today!  We will get to meet our little one month old niece for the first time today!  And see our adorable 2 1/2 year old nephew too!  They will be here for a week or so so we'll get to do the Christmas Train at Dry Gulch and other fun things!  I hope to take lots of pictures of these cuties!  Here's a pic of our adorable nephew Grayson...
If he's that cute, I'm sure his little sister is a doll!  Can't wait to meet her and get some good baby time this week!!!

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  1. So exciting to hear the heartbeat at home, and share it with all your fam! Merry Christmas, Friskes!