Friday, December 10, 2010

12 Weeks Dr Appt

We had our 2nd Dr appt yesterday!  It was really quick... check in at desk, sit down, open magazine, "Brittany", pee in a cup, blood pressure, "how are you feeling?", and then the coolest part... hearing the heartbeat for the first time!!  It was SO cool.  It sounded like I thought it would, but just listening to it and thinking about the little life growing inside me... so awesome!!  With not much to show on the outside of a baby being in there, it was so fun to listen to the proof!  :)  Our friends Beth & Oz that are having a baby girl in January are letting us borrow their doppler so we will be able to listen to the heartbeat at home too!  The doctor said the at-home kind is much less powerful than what they use at the doctor's office so we probably should wait a couple more weeks before trying at home.  But I am definitely looking forward to that!  I have a feeling I will want to listen to it everyday!  

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