Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby Bump? Naaah.

Hello all!  I've been sitting on this post for a week now... finally getting the pictures on my computer.  I'm also kinda embarrassed to even post this... but the baby bump has got to start somewhere right?  I figure if I don't start taking pictures of the bump, then all the sudden I'm gonna have a bump and not know when it started!  So... here's a pic of me at 10 weeks.
How tired-looking am I?!  Geez.  Regretting post?  Probably.  Oh well... document I must.  So what you see there is probably not actually a baby bump, but more than likely a pre-pregnancy pooch.  Wondering about my little bump, I took to reading my books, the internet, etc. to see when most women start showing.  Everything I've read suggests that most women don't start showing until at least 12 weeks, but everyone is different.  So here are some lovely likely causes of my little bump...

1.  Bloating/water retention/constipation... fabulous right?  And definitely happening.  Everything that is going in, is NOT coming out... to put it as not-disgusting as possible.

2.  Weak abdominal muscles... definitely a possibility considering my lack of strenuous exercise the past few months, but it's not like I've had a baby before so I can't really use this excuse.

3.  Weight gain... ummm, probably.  Considering eating is what helps the nausea every few hours, I'm definitely taking in more than usual!

4.  Twins?  Nope.  We do have twins on Russell's side of the family, but the ultrasound lady said "there's just one in there!"

So basically what can we determine from this research?  I'm fat.  No, I don't really think that... but I am looking forward to actually having a baby bump and not just a bloated bump.  Maybe the next time I post a bump picture, it'll be more convincing that there's a baby in there.   


  1. you and your little bump look cute!
    i was the same as you, couldn't wait to actually look pregnant instead of just like i'd gained a little weight. before you know it you'll be sporting a basketball around! :)
    i hope your nausea has gotten a little better and you are getting lots of rest!

  2. You are so cute, Brittany! I think your baby bump is darling :)

  3. I agree!! Cute wittle baby bump. And yes I will start talking like a wittle baby to your wittle tummy!!! YAYAY for BABIES!!!!