Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bathroom Makeover

For a long time now, Russell and I have talked about giving our bathroom a facelift.  In Russell's words, "it's just so blah."  So this past August while strolling around in Target one evening when Aunt Rissa was in town watching Haven, we stumbled upon a shower curtain that we both loved and the ideas started flowing.  We decided to go for it.  Unfortunately due to lack of time and money, it took us 5 months to complete.  But we did it! 

We painted the walls, stripped and stained the cabinets, spray painted the fixtures, added a frame for the mirror, and installed a new faucet.  I say "we", but the only thing I helped with was the painting.  Go Russell!  :)  Ideally we'd like to do new countertops, new tile for the shower, new fixtures, etc. but for now I am so excited to get moved back into this new and improved bathroom!

Here we go with the before and after pics!

Ta-da!  Thank you to my sweet husband for all the effort he put into this!  I love it!


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