Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Sentimental Date

Once upon a time... When I was 15 years old, a 17 year old boy named Russell from my church youth group (who I had an extreme crush on) asked me on a date.  He intended on us seeing a scary movie (you know so he could comfort me when I got scared lol), but the movie would have gotten out after my curfew.  So we decided on Monsters Inc instead. 

I sat next to him in the movie theater with my hand lingering on the arm rest where he could reach out and grab it if he so desired.  I honestly didn't remember much of the movie b/c I was so incredibly nervous of the possible hand-hold and completely still in awe that this boy would ask me on a date.  At some point, he did grab my hand and I practically melted in my chair.  We left the movie theater holding hands and held hands all the way home as we rode in his white mini-van.  Yes, you just read that correctly.  I was crushing hard on a boy that drove a white mini-van.  He was so gorgeous that I could have cared less what he drove, people! 

We didn't start dating immediately.  He was about to go to college and that just seemed silly.  But 2 years later when he visited church on what happened to be my birthday, the spark was reignited and we have been together ever since.  It will be 9 years in April!

So now that you know our back-story... we had one of the best dates ever last weekend when we got to go see Monsters Inc in 3D at the same theater where we had our first date 11 years ago.  It of course didn't phase him one bit, but I was constantly reliving the old memory and hanging on to every sentimental detail. 

This is when I realized I didn't actually remember much that happened in this movie b/c I was so nervous all those years ago!  So I think I actually enjoyed it a lot more this time.  We also loved it on a whole new level b/c of this little girl...

She is roughly the same age as Haven in the movie and it was cracking. us. up.  She could say a few words, but had the most adorable babble.  She would make funny faces and giggle all the time.  She would go from throwing a fit to laughing again in a matter of moments.  She reminded us SO much of Haven that it was unreal.  Here I go getting sentimental... but what an awesome thing it was to have a new-found appreciation for this movie b/c of my daughter whose Daddy is Russell that asked me on a date when I was 15.  Love, love, love.  The End.



  1. oh you two! same theater and everything?! i'm tearing up a little over here.