Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bridal Show!

My sister got 4 free tickets to the OKC bridal show a couple weekends ago which worked out perfectly for her and us 3 bridesmaids!  We had SO much fun looking at all the different vendors, trying out photo booths, taste-testing cakes, watching fashion shows, and enjoying each other's company!  It was just what I needed after not getting to spend Christmas with my sister this year!  We also got to wear pretty sweet stickers...VIP Bride, MOH (me! yay!), and Bridesmaid ones so be sure to look for them in our picture.  I wish I would have taken more pictures... particularly of the crazy saxophone player from the 80s, the caricature Marissa had done of her, and the model that walked like a giraffe.  I am a terrible person.  Haha!  But it was an absolute blast!  I can't wait for more wedding planning fun when my mom comes to visit in a couple weeks!  Wahoo!!

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