Sunday, January 13, 2013

From Memphis to New Orleans!

On New Year's day, Russell drove back home while Haven and I rode back to Bozzy and Gammie's house in New Orleans!  It was a yucky, rainy drive but we made the best of it with lots of movie-watching!  Haven really likes Tangled! :)  We enjoyed a very relaxed visit just hanging out at their house for a few days.  Bozzy and Gammie had to work during the day, so Uncle Spencer, Haven, and I got some quality time together.  Haven just loves him!  Check out these sweet pics...

Haven enjoyed lots of play time at their house!  This horse was actually mine when I was little!  I just love that cheesy smile...

She did lots of running too...

And when Gammie & Bozzy got home in the evenings... forget you, Mom!  It was time for horse rides around the house, foot rubs with lotion (she is my child after all), rolling around and giggling with Gammie on the bed, splashing in the bath, and all kinds of Gammie/Bozzy fun!

We watched old home movies and Haven's favorite was when Spencer was almost 3... she was captivated!  I mean, who wouldn't be though... he was a super cute kid. :)

Lots of laughs this trip!

And Uncle Spencer even taught her how to pound it!

We also got to go watch Bozzy ref a basketball game!  Haven was blowing him kisses as he ran up and down the court. :)

We left from there for the airport which becomes a story in itself!  I'll save that for another post... Thanks Bozzy, Gammie, and Uncle Spencer for a wonderfully relaxing visit!  We so enjoyed it!! 


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