Sunday, January 13, 2013

Memphis Trip!

Russell had some time off around NYE so we met my parents in Memphis at my Nonna's house!  We got to see my aunt and a couple cousins that hadn't met Haven yet!  It was so great to get some solid family time in!  Haven became Gammie-obsessed... she even trumped Bozzy this trip!  Sometimes she didn't even want me... I'd walk in the room and she'd shake her hand and say "out! out!"... yes, I have a little diva on my hands!!  I ate more food over the course of 4 days than probably the two weeks leading up to it... or it felt that way at least.  Nonna's cooking is just FABULOUS so I proceeded to stuff myself with huge breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!  Yum! 

So let's start at the beginning... we broke up the drive with an overnight stay in Arkansas this time and Haven loved the hotel!  This is the first thing she did when we got in the room and I sat her on the bed...

The next day my two loves caught some zzz's in the car...

We were so glad to get there and spend some time with family! 

Nonna got out some baby pictures of my dad... I definitely see some similarities with Haven!  Wasn't he cute?! :)

Haven had fun playing dress-up...

...and learning new tricks like how to pretend to sleep and snore!  Haha!

Russell and I also got to go on a date!  We saw Les Miserables and OMG it was incredible.  I cried a few times.  I adore musicals and this one does not disappoint.  You should see it! 

 Unfortunately I forgot my camera charger so that's about all I got!  Except when we went to the Memphis Children's Museum... next post! :)

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