Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Energizer Bunny

Yes, Haven is the Energizer Bunny.  She keeps going, and going, and going...  Let me just give you the play by play of the day... and if you are a mom reading this, I'm sure you will appreciate it even more.

Watch Bozzy ref basketball game
Run errands
Car ride to airport (30 minute nap)
They won't let Gammie come back with us even though Bozzy has done this before...
Flying standby and don't get on the 4:30pm flight
Next flight is 7:30
Back out to find Gammie in the lobby
Dinner at airport
Find nice guy that let Bozzy go thru security before and he lets Gammie go now...
Kill time at an airport with a 19 month old...
Anxiously wait to hear our name, and we get on 7:30 flight!
Land in Dallas at 9 - no nap (or tears) on plane.  Nothing but a happy traveler.
Walk around airport with stroller, hoping for a nap... nope.
Play at airport, run around everywhere b/c no one is there, Mommy exhausted.
10:10 flight delayed to 10:45.  She is STILL awake (and happy! gasp!).
Empty seat next to us on plane so she sits like a big girl, buckled and everything.
Happy, talkative, giggly girl all the way home.
Land in Tulsa at 11:45.  She cries when we have to get off the plane.
The energizer bunny finally gives in and sleeps in the car on the way home.

Are you exhausted reading that?  B/c I was exhausted living it.  But Haven was seriously a perfect angel.  A happy camper.  Full of hugs and kisses.  What could have been the worst traveling experience was probably our best one yet.  Go Haven!

Proof of her happiness at 10:00pm in the Dallas airport...

Thank you sweet girl for being such a trooper!  I love you!!!

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