Thursday, December 20, 2012

Right of Passage

Well, it's that time of year again for a Santa visit!  Last year, 6 month old Haven was just chillin' with Santa... no big deal.

This year we knew it would be bad.  As we stood in line, Haven started this nervous whining.  We thought maybe if Russell handed her over it would go over better than me doing it... she's just a little Mommy-attached.  Ok, more like A LOT Mommy-attached.  Unfortunately our plan probably didn't matter one bit b/c it was going to be bad either way.  Haven squeezed her legs around Russell, clenched his shirt with every finger, and he had to literally peel her off of him to give her to Santa.  So as you can imagine, the picture turned out like this...

Is it awful that I was laughing the whole time?  I just can't help but think this picture is hilarious.  After all, it's a right of passage to scream with Santa right?!  Hopefully next year she'll understand what's happening and be happy about it.  Time will tell.

She was all smiles again once I took her back and opened the candy cane Santa gave her.  

Thanks to Grandma she was loving her sparkle dress and dancing through the aisles of Bass Pro!  Memories of my mom saying, "Brittany - there's a time and place" ran through my head!  Haha!  I'll let her keep dancing for now, but I'm sure those words will leave my mouth one of these days.

I dare say she might like Bass Pro as much as her Daddy!  Ok, that's an overstatement.  That man loves Bass Pro more than anyone ever.  He crazy.  I, on the other hand, am hoping the next time I go is next Christmas to see Santa again. :)

Love those two!  Merry Christmas!


  1. sooo perfect and sooo funny!!!

    1. thanks!! glad someone else thinks it's funny too!! :)