Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas came early for Haven!

You guys, it's 12/9 and I still haven't made it to Thanksgiving.  I swear I will get caught up...

At this point in time we are unsure of our transportation for Christmas plans so my parents wanted to go ahead and give Haven her Christmas presents since they would have a way to get them to Aunt Rissa and then to me by car.  Sounds good to me!  Check out Haven opening her first present...

She LOVES that horse!  Can't you tell?!  She got a lot of other fun toys and books too!

Bozzy teaching Haven about a skunk.  Ha!

The weather was gorgeous so we spent some time in the back yard! 

Football with Bozzy...

Time-out for some "gwah" - her word for water.  Is she trying to speak spanish?  I don't know but now I call it "gwah" too!
I don't know what he did (other than just being awesome in general) but she ADORES Bozzy!  You can see it on her face... this was probably pre-kiss or hug.

And somehow I managed to catch her doing this...
Sweet girl!!  We love you so much!!!

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