Thursday, December 13, 2012

Friske Fun!

After we finally made it back to OK, we spent the weekend after Thanksgiving hanging with family at my in-laws house.  I just love watching the cousins play together!  We watched OSU almost beat OU and there was lots of orange in the house!

Time to try and get some cousin pictures.  Key word: try!

Love this one!

Sadly the best I got.

Mealtime fun!

Let's try some more pictures!

If only Haven had put her hands down...
 I seriously LOVE these next two pictures so much.  Garner was just so sweet to Haven and always trying to hug or kiss her.  Haven eventually figured it out and they were just too cute together!  The first picture cracks me up b/c they look like they're just standing there having a casual conversation.  Havens folded arms seriously kill me.  And the pre-kissing picture is too much!  I love these girls!!

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