Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Reality of Posed Pictures

So how cute were the kids on the tractor?!  Key to the cuteness in those posed pictures:  it was 10:00am.  We literally got out of the car and started taking pictures.  Gotta catch them when they're happy.  Then we played outside and inside, had lunch, looked at catfish, played in the truck bed, went back to the hotel for a short nap, and ventured out to see more family... aka already a long day for a group of kids 4 and under.  Fast-forward to post-nap time when we went to see Papa and then post-dinner time when we went to see Nanny.  Posed pictures were not exactly what these tired kiddos wanted to do.  Rather than trying to pick the best of the bunch, I thought I'd show you all of them in an effort to unveil the reality of posed pictures.  Enjoy.

Ok so you're thinking that wasn't that bad.  Just wait.

At least we tried, right?  We love you Nanny and Papa! 

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