Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Extras from LA

These are too cute not to share, but didn't really go with the previous posts.  Enjoy the extras from our trip!  The rest of our travel story at the bottom...

Making pumpkin pie with Gammie!

More horsey-riding in her Saints outfit!

Loving Sesame Street!

Mommy's boots are fun!

Wearing Gammie's camera as a purse!

Spaghetti is her favorite!  Finished off with a graham cracker!
So if you read a few posts ago, Haven and I were flying standby.  This is awesomely cheap but can be a gamble if you will actually get on a flight or not.  We have to fly through Dallas and nothing was looking good from Dallas to Tulsa.  So the plan was to fly to Dallas the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and ride to Tulsa with my bro-in-law who was going to be headed that way anyway.  Key word: plan.  We didn't make it on that flight and rather than making my bro-in-law wait even longer for us in Dallas thus making us get to Tulsa really late, I decided to stay with my parents another night!  This also meant Haven and I would be headed to Shreveport with them the next day for Thanksgiving with my grandparents and sister!

"Cheese!" on the way to Shreveport!
Riding Clifford at Gran's house!
 So it actually worked out well b/c I got to see more family than I originally planned.  We just didn't get to be with my poor hubby on Thanksgiving.  The other trouble with me not getting on that flight was that my bags did get on the flight!  So the car seat and my suitcase went to Dallas!  We bought a carseat, some pjs for Haven, a sleep mask for me, and we were good to stay another couple nights!  Thank goodness I had the essentials in the diaper bag and just borrowed some clothes from my mom for the rest of the trip.  We flew out of Shreveport the day after Thanksgiving, picked up my bags in Dallas, re-checked in and flew home to Tulsa without a hitch.  Thankfully my little traveler was AWESOME on both flights that day. 

Dinner at TGIF at DFW airport!

Thankfully there was an empty seat next to me so she got to be a big girl and my lap got a rest!

Making sure we're up on the safety procedures...
 Daddy was happy to see us when we got home since we had now been gone a full week instead of 4 days as originally planned! :)  It was a slightly crazy week, but so worth it!  Loved every minute!

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