Saturday, December 15, 2012

18 Months Old!

She's closer to 19 months old when I'm writing this but at least I was on time with the pictures!  Let me start by saying we are having so much fun!  Like I say every time I do one of these posts, this age is so fun!  Wonder if I'll still be saying that when she's two?!  Ha!  Ok let's get to some stats...  At her 18 month appointment a couple weeks ago, Haven was a whopping 21 lbs 14 oz.  Yes, that means she's only gained less than 2 pounds in 3 months!  She's in like the 14% for her weight.  Doc says no need to worry, she's got little parents and will always be on the little side.  She's 31.5 in long, making her more average and in the 40-something percentile for height.  She still eats SO good, she's just busy, busy, busy and running all those calories off!  Haha! 

Let's see... newest development since the 15 months post is all the new words she's saying!  I'll try to list them... mama, dada, hi, bye-bye, uh-oh, dog, car, out, down, door, sock, eye, toe, nana (for banana), cheese (complete with a cheesy smile and squinty eyes),  Bozzy, Issa (for Aunt Rissa!), and 2 brand new ones this past week - bubble and NO!  Lord help me with that last one.  It's the best when it is paired with a violent shaking of her head back and forth.  Awesome, not so much.  I've got a little diva over here!!  But one thing that is great about this age is being able to communicate more.  She is great with yes/no questions which can make meal time and times when she is frustrated much easier to deal with.

She is quite the character.  We have a boombox in our living room with a Tippi Toes cd in it and every day she points at it, says "uh?!" and turns it on.  She can point her toe, spin in a circle endlessly, boogie-woogie, shake her booty, march, clap, and give herself a hug.  We have a song called "Ants in My Pants" and she has started doing the itchy-scratchy part and scratching her legs!  It's hilarious!  There is also a makeup song so she is an expert at putting on her powder, lipstick, blush, and fixing up her hair!  Every once in a while she will walk up to me and do the motion for putting on her makeup and then gets so excited when I turn the song on.  She also LOVES to perform her dances for Gammie and Bozzy on Skype.  It's the best!  She has a little slide in our living room and every time she goes down it she stands up and says "ta-da!" complete with the same pose every time - one arm up and one arm out!  Pretty sure Daddy taught her that one.  She makes all kinds of funny faces and knows she's being funny!  I love it!

Some embarrassing/hard to handle stuff... we've determined she's just not really a fan of women unless she is super familiar with you.  Almost every woman she comes into contact with - stranger to me or not - she shakes her head "no" with a big frown.  I can't figure out how to make her stop!  She is all about the men though, tucking her chin into her chest and giving a big flirty grin.  I'm already worried for the future with this boy-crazy girl I've got at 18 months!  She's also not so great at playing with others, making LifeGroup and other play dates a bit difficult.  She is with me all the time so she is not used to sharing any of her toys.  So another kid takes something she has and insert FIT!  I'm just waiting for "mine" to come out b/c I know that's what she's thinking.  We've started doing time-out and that seems to work pretty well.  I'm sure this part of parenting is only going to get harder, making me miss the baby days for that reason.  But I do love being able to do more with her and communicate!  She's a firecracker!  We love her so much!

This is her favorite outfit!  Like to the point that I have to hide it or she would want to wear it every day!  We went to dance class this night too she so loved dancing around in her favorite tutu!  She's got the fishy song down! :)

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