Sunday, December 16, 2012

UJVP: State Champions!

I have been coaching JV Pom at Union (my alma mater - Go Skins!) for almost a year now.  I can honestly say it has been one of the best years ever.  Sure it can be stressful and frustrating at times, but most of the time it is just pure joy for me.  Pom was absolutely the highlight of my high school years, and now to be coaching in the same program that meant so much to me is simply incredible!

This team of freshman-juniors has been working so hard on this routine in preparation for competition season.  They got 1st place at two local competitions - TSF and Frontier Valley - and have now gone on to take STATE!  I am so proud of them!

The anticipation is killing them...


Celebrating with their hilarious chant they made up.


It's all about the U!

Amber and I with our sweet officers. :)
We make a great team!

Gotta get some trophy love!

Ok girls, let's get our game faces on for Regionals!  Can't wait!  Love you all!!

Shout-out to Grandma and Poppy for keeping Haven overnight (1st time ever!) and Bailey, Shelley, and my sister for coming to visit me at the competition in OKC!  I love my friends!  It was the best day! :)

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