Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Visit

Daddy had to work, but Haven and I planned a pre-Thanksgiving visit to see my parents in New Orleans for the Fri-Tues before Thanksgiving!  My awesome bro-in-law works for American so through him we get to fly standby aka cheap!  Only trouble is, you don't know for sure if you'll get on a plane.  That will come into play later.  We didn't get on our first flight out of Tulsa and Haven threw a couple fits in the airport... we're off to a great start I thought!  Lol!  But then the day got better and we made it to New Orleans just fine.  Uncle Spencer picked us up from the airport and Haven was so excited to see him!  Here's a look at the first part of our trip... the Global Wildlife Park!

30 minutes from my parents house in Mandeville, LA is a global wildlife park where wild animals roam like 900 acres.  Africa in Louisiana as the brochure said!  Ha!  You can take a tram through the grounds and feed them!  So that's just what we did!

The giraffes and zebras stayed too far away for us to feed them so that was kinda a bummer, but we still loved seeing all the other animals!  If you couldn't tell, we had a blast!!!

More to come...

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