Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birthdays are Better with Haven!

My birthday was on Thursday and I didn't have any big plans for the day itself.  End of the year pom banquet that night (so fun and emotional as always!), but nothing to do during the day.  So I decided to take Haven to LaFortune Park for a morning at the playground!  You'd think this is more of a gift to her, but I had such a blast watching her have so much fun.  She was fearless, going up to one of the tallest slides by herself and going down with no hesitation.  She ran up and down the ramp, climbed through tunnels, rode the little horse, and went down lots of different "ta-das" (slides) - all with a huge smile on her face and lots of giggles!  I got lots of kisses too which I like to think was because of my birthday, but I think it was a thank you for the park morning! :)  We had starbucks birthday cake pops (my favorite!) on the car ride home and she helped mix some cupcake batter before naptime.  Moral of the story:  birthdays pre-Haven were kinda boring, but now I'll always have the best company to celebrate my special day!  Thanks baby girl!

All those smiles but I couldn't get a posed one!  Ha!

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