Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dress-up girl!

Haven LOVES to play dress up.  Whether she sees something frilly hanging in her closet or is just playing and randomly thinks of a tutu, she is always wanting to dress up!  The other day she came out of her room with 3 tutus on that she had put on all by herself!  The fourth had a shirt attached so I helped with that one and she was all set!
  She was just a big poof of material that day.  She loves to come up to me and ask "Mommy, tutu?" and sign please.  She's also started saying please too!  Of course I can't ever deny her so we play dress-up pretty often around here.  Last week at LifeGroup one of the other little girls came out of her room in a princess dress.  Haven was mesmerized.  So they brought out a bunch of dress-up clothes and the cutest thing happened.  She looked across the room at me with a big huge smile, almost asking for approval before she put on the clothes.  I shook my head yes with a big smile and she clapped her hands and started putting the clothes on.  Precious.  Here's what she looked like...
She loved that headband!  Which is pretty impressive since I can't seem to keep a bow in her hair these days!  I love our LifeGroup.  The kids are growing so fast and it so fun to see them all play together now!
It's always fun to dress-up for Tippi Toes Mommy & Me dance class!  She was a little more intrigued with looking at herself in the mirror this night, than actually dancing... but it was still precious!

In not too long Haven will be able to fit in old recital costumes I have laying around.  I have to admit, owning a dance company is probably the best way to have the best dress-up clothes!  So I'm sure there'll be another post just like this in the future!  I should also say that when she's not in dress-up clothes, she'd rather just run around in a diaper.  So there are some extremes at our house.  She even tries to play dress-up in the bath, putting these cups on her feet and saying "good shoes."  Ha!  I love this sweet girl so much, clothes or not.

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