Thursday, March 7, 2013

Come on Spring!

We had a bit of warmer weather this past weekend so our little family made our way to the park.  Haven was giddy with excitement since the park days have been few and far between the past several months!  She did the "ta-da" (slide) several times, loved climbing around on the equipment wanting me to leave her alone b/c I hover (helicopter parent much?!), and running every which way trying to chase Copper.

The OK wind in her hair!  She's ready!
Slide time with Daddy!
She needed to take a load off.

Time to run with the ball...

...and look cute with the ball...

...and use the ball as a head rest for another break.

Running from Daddy...

and chasing Copper for a hug!
We had such a great time!  Now if only that warm weather would have stuck around!  Come on Spring!  We're ready for you!

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