Saturday, September 21, 2013

My first trip to LSU!

LSU is in my blood.  So many of my family members have gone there and I can't believe it took me 27 years and my brother enrolled there to get me on campus!  I loved it!  My sister and I had our first road trip together since she became a married woman (part of my speech at the reception came true faster than I thought it would!) and ventured down to Tigerland to see our not-so-little brother!  Here's some pics of our trip!

Dorm room!

Love, love, love all the oaks on campus!

Yay for time with our cousin Alec too!

Mr. Les Miles... weird that I've watched him coach 2 teams that I love.

Uncle Leonard!

Waiting for the band to come down the hill!

They were incredible!  Love that they play right in your face!

We were literally on the front row...

So much love in this pic.  Love my siblings!!!

Oh those frat boys, twirling their jackets...

We moved up a bit in the 2nd and got a better view!

Tiger Stadium was pretty freaking awesome.  I have to say it's WAY louder than any other stadium I've been to.  The band is constantly playing something fun and touchdown celebrations are loud and exciting... a little bit unlike "waving wheat" at Oklahoma State.  But don't worry, a few weeks later I got to go home sweet home...

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