Sunday, September 29, 2013

Disney on Ice!

My generous in-laws got Haven and I tickets to see Disney on Ice at the fair!!  We were thrilled!!  She didn't know what she was in for, but she LOVED it!  Nervous at first and clinging to me (which I have to say I enjoyed), but eventually warming up and glued to every second.  Minnie Mouse was there which was an added thrill as I had only told her about certain princesses that would be there.  Haven sang along at times...

"feet night-in-gale...ah, ah, ah.." - Sweet Nightingale from Cinderella
"I have deeeem..." - I Have a Dream from Tangled.
"Under sea" - Under the Sea from Little Mermaid

Ursula took Ariel's voice and Haven sang with her "ah ah ah, ah ah ah..."  Haha!  It was too cute.  I think I watched her more than the show, which is how it should be right?!  So so fun to see something you love through your child's eyes.  Thankfully my Disney-loving ways have rubbed off on my sweet girl!  Ok enough chatting, here's some pics from our wonderful morning!!

"Let's go!"
Before the show!

During the show!

After the show!

Did I mention we brought a costume change?
Haven was in heaven!  She's been talking about "Minnie Mouse," "Maid," "Punzel," "Ice," and "Beauty Beast" ever since!  Not one fuss or negative thing out of her the whole time.  It was a blast!!!

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