Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cravings and Close Calls

A trip to the grocery store now-a-days is much more eventful than before.  Some things make me instantly nauseated and some things take a life of their own and ask me to rip them open and eat them right that second.  Thankfully I still have enough self-control to speed past the gross foods and not tear open the yummy ones.  A few things I've eaten lately that I don't normally buy... cottage cheese & peaches, pistachios, chocolate pudding, I could go on.  The most impulsive buy was this...
I LOVE this key lime pie.  My family knows this and my grandma usually has one waiting for me when I come visit.  I walked past this pie in Target the other day and practically drooled on the floor.  I looked for the individual servings, but had no luck... so I bought the whole pie!!!  I gave in to the impulse and am SO glad I did.  I'm still working on finishing it, but it's delicious every step of the way!

Close Calls... I'll try to write about this delicately... I'm in Walmart yesterday, eating a sucker I just got from the post office, and all the sudden intense nausea.  Like, WHOA I need to find a bathroom.  I looked like the old women in our neighborhood, speed-walking to the bathroom.  Thankfully I was able to calm myself and not toss the cookies, but I really thought I was going to for a second. 

Another close call happened with my good friend Emily.  Here is a pic of us and Katherine at Emily's wedding a couple years ago.  We've known each other for almost 10 years now and she knows me really well!  So I just couldn't keep a secret from her a few weeks ago...
We were on our way back to Tulsa from watching Freshman Follies in Stillwater and I was feeling so nauseated riding in her car.  Where were my crackers when I needed them?!  I was taking deep breaths, trying to distract myself with conversation, but it just got really bad.  This was the weekend before our doctor's appt when we were going to start telling everyone.  I complained of car sickness (which has NEVER happened in our long friendship) and I got her to turn the heat down and put some air on my face.  But it just wasn't getting better... so I made her pull over.  I don't think I have ever pulled over on the side of the road to get sick.  And I really didn't want to right then!  So we pull over and I just couldn't handle it anymore, "I'm not carsick, I'm PREGNANT!!" She screamed and hugged me and it was a really exciting moment.  Thankfully the excitement and all her questions got my mind off it and I was able to keep it down.  I made it home and scarfed some crackers immediately.  Problem solved.  I think this will remain my favorite (or most comical) way the pregnancy news was spread.  Ha! 


  1. Look at you being a blog writer!! I love it and want more!! ha!

  2. Cute picture! :) Love you and miss you! Can't wait to see you for the holiday break!