Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I get a lot of the same questions right now, so if you were wondering - I'll answer them here!

When are you due?  June 22nd!

How are you feeling?  Really, really tired.  I'm an early to bed person anyway, but this has just gotten ridiculous.  If I sit on the couch for more than 30 minutes at a time, I just melt into it.  There have been a couple nights Russell and I have been watching tv and I'm out at like 7:30pm.  It's crazy!  Someone told me that forming a baby inside you is the equivalent of running a marathon everyday.  I sure do agree.

Have you been sick at all?  No throwing up yet so that's good... but I get queasy every few hours.  I just never feel 100%.  But that's ok, b/c there's a baby in there!!  I've found that if I always have something on my stomach, I feel better.  So basically I'm eating all the time and will probably get HUGE over the next few months.

Are you going to find out the sex?  I am waaaay too much of a planner not to.

Do you have a preference?  I will of course be happy either way, but I'd like to have a girl at some point so if the first one could be a girl I'd be thrilled.  Russell wants a boy, but will be happy either way.

Do you have any names picked out?  Yes!  Before I met Russell, he had already decided on his first boy's name.  Gabriel William.  We'll call him Gabe (or Gabey-baby early on...my idea! ha!).  William is Russell's middle name so we'll carry it down.  A girl's name is much harder... we like SO many.  It's a little tough to pair something with Friske, so I tend to not like anything that ends in a "long e" sound.  Like my name for instance.  Ha.

How was the first doctor's appointment?  Great!  I was so anxious/nervous/excited to see the sonogram, find out the due date, and start telling people!  My doctor is great and I'm very comfortable with her.  She actually went to school in Shreveport, LA where I'm originally from!  She was listening to me breathe and she said, "are you nervous?" and I said "Yes!  Anxious!"  She said my heart was going crazy and to take some deep breaths.

What has been the coolest part so far?  Telling Russell, my family, and everyone close to me was incredible.  But seeing the sonogram for the first time was just the neatest thing in the world.  It definitely made it more real for both of us.  Russell teared up and I was just giddy with excitement.  Pretty much exactly like when we got married!  We could see the little tiny heartbeat going crazy in there.  The human body amazes me and God is so good!!  It's a cute little peanut... or jelly belly as Russell has been saying.  He or she was not quite an inch long here.  Here's a pic...


  1. You're going to be so glad you wrote all of this down later on! Now the key is finding time to do it for each pregnancy/child. :)
    Oh also, peppermints really help my nausea. I have a GIANT bag!!

  2. I can't wait to hear your girl names, and I think Gabe is precious! We had our boy name picked out long before we ever got married and a girlfriend of mine told me we'd have a girl since we had the boy name already planned. And she was right! :)
    Hey, sleep all you want, don't feel guilty! It is hard working growing a baby. You will get your energy back soon enough! I read that a womans body goes through more changes in 9 months of pregnancy than a man's does in his whole entire life, from birth to death. CRAZY!!

  3. I'm so excited for you two! What an exciting time!!

  4. You are quite the blogger and you didn't even know it!! Love you!

  5. LOVE IT! You guys are going to be amazing parents - can't wait to meet your little sprout!

  6. totally blog appropriate to comment on every post. I however have no idea where to reply to comments. So i'll just comment back to yours!

  7. Oh my gosh, I can get this at work!! Hehe.