Monday, June 27, 2011


Last week, Haven's great-grandparents came to help me while Russell had his longest work week of the year... I think someone said the total was 64 hours... and that's just from Monday-Thursday!  He was setting up (aka building huge structures, climbing rafters and hanging things from the ceiling, painting props, etc!) for an awesome series our church puts on every year called At The Movies.  You should check it out if you are in Tulsa or any of our other locations!  More info here!  

Thank goodness for my grandparents though!  Since they were here, I was able to do some really extravagant things like take a shower, work, and eat!  Haha!  Really though, they were SO super helpful.  I got to eat my Gran's AWESOME cooking for a week, they ran errands for me, and cleaned my house!  But they did all of that only while I was feeding Haven, b/c let's face it... the rest of the time they were fighting over whose turn it was to hold her!  For example, Granpa: "How about you go get your coffee and I'll hold her?"  Gran: "How about you go fix me my coffee and then I'll give her to you!"  Ha!  They were such a huge help and I loved watching them with her.  So cute.  Hard to believe 25 years ago they were holding me!  Loving the circle of life.  :)  Here's some pictures from their visit!  I love you Gran & Granpa!  Thanks again!!!

Haven's namesake... Martha Jane Haven (before she became a Hauser!)


He was so sweet!  Love how he calls her "darlin'"!

Love it!

2 pretty girls!

She was so alert!

Granpa loves the little feet!

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