Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet the Fam!

Dear Haven, 

You have already met them but I would like to tell you a little bit about the amazing family you have.  This isn't everyone of course, but the ones that haven't met you yet are dying to meet you.  I'll tell you about some of them too.  They all love you so much, baby girl!

This is your Gammie - she is my mom.  You can't even fathom the kind of love this lady has for you.  She is the most wonderful mom to me and if I am just a little bit like her in the mom-department, you are one lucky little girl.  She is already bragging about you to everyone she comes in contact with.  This is one proud Gammie.  She loves you sooooo much!  P.S.  I should mention that you are her first grandchild... which means she might just spoil you rotten!  But mommy's ok with that. :)

This is your Grandma - she is Daddy's mom.  She is an experienced Grandma and is SO helpful.  She loves to shop the sales racks so you will never be hurting for clothing my dear!  And she has great taste too. :)  Always picks out things Mommy loves!  She is so thoughtful and very observant.  As you grow up, I'm sure she will take care of anything you need!  She loves you soooo much!  

This is your Granpa Bozzy - he is my dad.  I cried when I wrote about my mom, but I might just boo-hoo telling you about my dad.  For some reason he just has that effect on me.  He is SO sweet with you... it's just precious.  He was the first one to hear one of your cute little chuckles.  So I guess you can already tell that he is the coolest and you decided to do that for him!  ;)  There is not another man out there like this one... and he knows you are one of a kind as well!  He loves you sooooo much!

This is your Poppy - he is Daddy's dad.  Let me tell you, this guy is a character!  He was just so excited when he found out you were on your way.  He likes to spoil all the young kiddos in the family, so don't be surprised if he offers you Dr. Pepper when you're 18 months old.  He's really good at making Mommy laugh, so I'm sure you'll laugh at him too.  He's a jokester... so you'll have to give him a taste of his own medicine when you're older.  He is so happy you are here!  He loves you soooo much!

This is your Aunt Rissa - she is my sister.  She can take one look at you and be in tears.  She has been SO excited since the moment she found out you were in my tummy and I imagine her excitement will never fade.  She wants to hold you and play with you and take you to do fun things.  I imagine some sleepovers will be involved in the future and you will love going to Aunt Rissa's house!  I'm sure at some point in life you will think she is way cooler than Mommy.  She loves you sooo much!

This is your Uncle Spencer - he is my brother.  I was so impressed at how good he was at handling you when he met you, especially since you are so tiny!  He is the youngest of us 3 so it's not like he had any practice on a baby brother or sister!  He thinks you are so pretty and so cool.  I even have a video of you guys doing a fist bump.  He can't wait to see you again.  He loves you soooo much!

This is your Aunt Andra and her family - she is Daddy's sister.  She loves you soooo much too!  She is a great mom to your cousins and I imagine I will be asking her advice a lot!  She is married to your Uncle Ryan.  He is the king of board games and I can't wait for him to teach you a thing or two.

This is your cousin Grayson.  He is such a sweet boy.  He LOVED holding you and giving you kisses.  He is so adorable!  He is 3 years older than you and will take good care of you as you grow up I'm sure!

This is your cousin Garner.  You girls are just 6 months apart so I know you will be the best of friends!  She has already given you lots of clothes and man, she's got style!  We love dressing you in her clothes. :)  She is a sweetheart and I can't wait to watch you grow up together!

This is your Uncle Ben - he is Daddy's brother.  He was so excited to meet you!  He is engaged to your soon-to-be Aunt Valerie who loves you too!  They are so cute together.  It will be so fun to bring you to their wedding!  Uncle Ben just loved holding you.  He is a lot of fun and loves you sooo much!  

This is your Uncle Tim - he is Daddy's brother.  If you think Uncle Ben and Uncle Tim look alike, it's because they do!  They are twins!  Uncle Tim is going away for the summer so your early arrival allowed him to meet you sooner rather than later!  He couldn't believe how tiny you are!  Uncle Tim says some of the most ridiculously funny things I've ever heard!  You will love laughing at him too!  He loves you sooo much!

This is your Great- Gran & Granpa - they are my grandparents and Gammie's parents.  They came to see you when you were born!  They are 2 of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  They are sooo excited you are here!  Unfortunately you were still in the special care nursery when they went home so they can't wait to hold you! They will be here to visit you again soon.  They love you sooooo much!

You also still need to meet Nonna, my grandmother and Bozzy's mom.  She calls you a sweet angel.  I love that and have to agree!  She is such a special lady and has sent up countless prayers for you.  She loves you sooo much!  Then there is Libby, who is Bozzy's step-mom.  She is a super fun lady and can't wait to meet you!  Daddy's grandparents are Papa and Nanny and they are so excited about you too!  We will introduce you soon!  

Beyond that are LOTS of great aunts, great uncles, great-great aunts & uncles, 2nd cousins, the works.  You've met some of them already, but still have lots of people to meet!  Daddy and I both have BIG families and ALL of them have been praying for you and can't wait to meet you!  They all love you sooo much!  

There's also those that would have loved to meet you, but are no longer with us like Meme, Papa Cec, Nanny, Granny Boswell, Granny Gresens, Grandma Stivers, and Papa Doc.  We miss them so much and will show you lots of pictures one day!

So Miss Haven Jane, one thing is for sure... you are one LOVED little girl!  


  1. The world is sweeter, the family more blessed, and my heart warmed by the birth of Haven. She has two of the most precious people in the world for parents who will love her every day of her life!

  2. great addition of Andra's family pic! What a super looking family!

  3. Brittany,
    Haven is so precious! I love looking at all your pictures of her with your family.
    Miss Bailey