Friday, June 17, 2011

Some Haven Highlights

Are you noticing a trend?  Haven's name in almost every title?  I say, get used to it!  Ha!  It's hard to believe she has already passed the 3 weeks mark.  Crazy!  I'm amazed at how fast the day flies by when you are breaking it up into 2-3 hour increments!  Anyway, here are some highlights from her first 3 weeks!
1st trip to the doctor... hungry and not happy!

1st friend! Sweet 4 month old Kalliope - LifeGroup babies!

1 week old :)

1st bath at home

Go Pokes!

I just love this pic... she smiled, they smiled!

More bath time

How much hot pink can I wear?

Video games with Daddy

Mommy's favorite thing :)

Tummy time!

3 weeks old!

1 comment:

  1. She is SO cute! The first bath at home pic is my absolute favorite, she is so tiny!!!