Saturday, September 17, 2011

This Is How She Rolls

Last night I propped Haven up on her tummy on this little stuffed whale.  To my surprise, she rolled over!  She did it 3 times in a row!  I figured being propped up was giving her an advantage so I moved the whale.  By that time, she was so over tummy time that I knew an unassisted roll wasn't in the cards.  Then this morning, I put her on her tummy... no whale... and seconds later... she ROLLED!  I was so excited I think I scared her with my squeal.  She did it 5 times in a row and at the end of this video said, "that's enough!"  You're welcome for the Mommy translation.  I can't believe my sweet baby girl is old enough to roll!  This is the first step toward mobility...God help us all, especially Copper! Ha!  For a super fun fact about this special event, scroll down!

SUPER FUN FACT:  I am keeping a calendar for Haven's first year.  I have it on my dresser so right before I go to bed at night, I write a little something about our day.  From things she did to places we went to who she met, etc.  My mom also kept a calendar of my first year and gave it to me when Haven was born.  I have it sitting right next to Haven's calendar so I can kinda follow along with what I was doing at Haven's age.  It is SO fun.  I love reading about what my mom was doing at 25 and what I was doing as a baby.  Here's a pic of our scribbly calendars...

Well... after she rolled over this morning, I went and checked my calendar.  Turns out Haven and I rolled over at the EXACT same age, to the DAY.  My mom even included "7:10am" which is within 30 minutes of when Haven rolled over.  How crazy is that?!?  I told you it was a super fun fact.

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  1. Great minds think alike! ;)

    She is super cute, by the way.