Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who Looks Good in Orange?

My sweet baby girl, that's who!  And I have a confession to make... before Haven was born, I vowed to not put a huge flower on her head.  To be completely honest, I thought they were cute on some babies, but most of the time I thought they were ridiculous.  However, this huge flower matched her awesome tutu (which I'm sure others find ridiculous) so I went with it... and I loved it!  I broke my vow, and Haven had an adorably cute orange evening with a huge flower on her head.  I imagine she will wear more huge flowers now!  I stand corrected, people.  Anyway, last week our life group got together to watch the OSU game and I was SO excited to finally get my girl in some orange.  Go Pokes!  I love our little orange family!  Enjoy the Haven/OSU photo shoot...

Tutu stuffed in car seat = outrageous looking.

Blurry but cute!

Go Pokes!  He taught her some cheers here. :)

Orange family!
 Then Mommy got really camera happy after a diaper change...  hence the photo shoot.  I love this precious little girl so very much!

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  1. YAY orange! And what are adorable little girl babies for if not to stick them in tutus with huge flowers on their head? She rocks it :)