Sunday, January 8, 2012

7 Months Old!

Dear Haven,

You are actually 7 months and 2 weeks old today!!  Mommy is behind!!  You turned 7 months on Christmas Day while we were in New Orleans at Gammie & Bozzy's house.  We had to wait until we got home to take your pictures, so you are technically like 7 months and 1 week in the pictures, just FYI.  :)  Ok, let me start by saying how much FUN I am having.  You are becoming more and more interactive and it's just so stinking FUN.  You have the biggest, sweetest smile and you laugh often.  You also do this funny grin with your lips together that just cracks me up.  You love your Daddy so much.  If I am holding you, and he enters the room, you literally wiggle your whole body and smile so big.  Excitement just exudes from you!  And I must say you do the same when he has you and you see me too. :)  You are saying ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba, and most recently (and technically after you turned 7 months so I shouldn't include it here) da-da-da!  You are "talking" more and more and have lots to say!  We skype with Gammie & Bozzy a lot and sometimes you decide to interrupt us and tell us an all important "ba-ba-ba-ba." And don't you worry, all of us pause and let you say what you need to say before continuing our conversation. Ha!  You are still a petite little thing, but past 16 lbs now.  You still fit in some 6 months clothes, but you are quickly outgrowing most of them.  You finally decided to like cereal and you pig out on it now!  You still prefer veggies to fruit... where you got that I have no idea, but I'll take it!  You are sitting up!  I still don't completely trust you on the floor by yourself, so I usually put the boppy around you just in case you topple.  You love putting anything and everything in your mouth.  Christmas wrapping paper was your favorite as of recently.  You love it when we blow on your belly, toss you in the air, dance with you, dance for you, and give you kisses.  You have started giving us big, wet, open mouth kisses too and I melt for them.  You still love the exersaucer (the way I get things done!) and the play mat.  You love toys, especially things that crinkle, light up, or make noise.  You've had a couple colds in a row this month so we've had a couple trips to the doctor, but overall you have been your normal happy self.  On a side note, after much thought and prayer, Daddy left his job at the church.  He starts his new job as the Owasso YMCA Sports Director on Monday and we are so excited about that!  You bring so much joy to our lives, Haven Jane, and I am so thankful everyday for what a precious baby girl the Lord has given us.  We love you so so so much!  I must also add that monthly photo shoots are becoming more difficult as you are too curious to just look at the camera and smile anymore!  But we still got some good ones...



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