Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ben & Valerie Get Hitched!

I love a good wedding, but what I really love is celebrating the marriage of 2 amazing people!  In this case, those people are Russell's brother, Ben, and his now-wife Valerie!  I have loved watching their relationship develop and mature, and am SO happy that they have officially tied the knot.  Their wedding was so neat... truly a reflection of their Godly relationship.  Russell and I are blessed to welcome Valerie into the crazy Friske family, and are excited for their future!  I think I have something to say about all of these pictures so here it goes...

Hanging out in the hotel room before the rehearsal dinner... how cute is that smile behind the toy?!

Her chunky thighs in those tights... too funny.

All dressed up for the rehearsal dinner!  Pretty girl!

Another pretty dress for the wedding!  Thanks for both, Grandma!

Apparently that dress tasted really good...

Mother/son dance... so sweet.

Check out the back of this dress... gorgeous!  Just like the bride! :)

Poppy and his girls!  The photographer got one with them both looking the right direction and I can't wait to see it!

Grandma and Grayson having some fun!

I wish this wasn't blurry... Garner was a cutie on the dance floor!

Uncle Tim wanted a date for the dance floor!

I didn't ask him to pose this way... his doing.  Bahahaha

Dancing with Poppy!  She was all smiles!!

Dancing with Grandma!  I'm glad my baby girl enjoys dancing as much as I do!

Hence the cupid shuffle together... we weren't going to miss that one!

Sweet kisses from Daddy...

Garder retrieval... I actually saw Valerie say, "let's speed this part up a little bit." Haha!

Too funny... Uncle Tim was oh so close.

That would be Poppy mastering the cha cha slide.  Love that face!

Blurry, but proof that Poppy & Grandma can get LOW!

Apparently no lips allowed in this picture, but still cute of my 2 blue-eyed loves!

Just us girls!

Had to get a pic with the Bride and Groom!  Love you guys and congratulations!!!

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