Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Friske Christmas 2011

Last Christmas post, I promise!  Poppy and Grandma spoiled all of us again this year!  Christmas is so fun anyway, but add a baby to the mix and it is even better.  I SO enjoyed all of Haven's 1st Christmas festivities!  Haven's favorite part?  Putting anything and everything in her mouth!  Ha!  We are so blessed to celebrate Christ's birth with such wonderful families on both sides.  Christmas 2011 is sure to be one of the most memorable for me!

The next 3 pictures are of something that you see in the store and think, "who would actually buy that?!" and my in-laws did!!!  They are completely aware of how ridiculous it is though and that she will probably never wear it in public.  Haha!  But they couldn't resist!  And I don't blame them!  Hilarious!

Grayson may kill me if sees this several years from now... Bahahaha

Happy 2012 everyone!!!

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