Friday, July 20, 2012


Haven has really started showing interest in books!  We have read books to her all along, but now it is more her idea which I love!  Here's a pic of her with her Bible stories in her rocking chair!  Such a big girl!

But my favorite thing is when she brings books to me!  She will pick one up, walk across the room with it in hand, and look at me with a precious smile and sweet little sound that I translate into, "Mommy, please read this to me!"  Love, love, love it.  I will stop what I'm doing EVERY TIME when she does this.  I don't want to miss one moment like this!  It's just too precious and I'm sure one day I will be begging her to read her books for school.  We will encourage this as much as we can!  I was just taking some video of her walking the other day and happened to catch her "asking" me to read to her too!  :)

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