Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Princess Camp 2012

So I've mentioned before that I LOVE my job!  And one of my favorite weeks of the year is Tippi Toes Princess Camp!  My staff and I dress in full princess costume and do storytime, dancing, crafts, and games with a bunch of little 3-7 year old princesses!  I love seeing the girls' faces as they come through the door in their fancy dresses, so excited to spend each day with us.  Their imaginations and overwhelming joy fills me up!!  This year was extra-special as some of my favorite Tippi Toes dancers joined us at camp as well as two of Russell's cousin's kids!  Here's some of the royal cuties...

My favorite silly picture... I like to go all out haha...  Love little Rylee too!!

This year was also special because I got some help from some of my UJVP girls!  How cute are they all dressed up?!  BIG thanks to all 3 of them for helping me out!!  Love you girls and so did all the kids!!

We partnered with Jenks Community Ed this year for camp which proved to be such a rewarding experience.  We had the camp at Grace Living Center in Jenks so all of the senior residents there got to watch our special camp all week!  On the last day of camp we performed for all the parents and families of the little princesses, as well as lots of the residents of Grace!  One little old lady wheeled over to me and said "We can't thank you enough for doing this here.  This has been such a joy to watch all week!"  Precious!  I love that we were able to serve the community and be a light for those residents that may or may not see many visitors on a daily basis. 

Haven got to stay with Grandma for a few hours every day and got spoiled, I'm sure! :)  She would go straight to Grandma when we walked through the door and wave bye to me.  Kinda broke my heart a little bit that she is getting more independent, but it makes it easier to leave her too!  Thanks Grandma!!

Thanks to all the families of our little princesses for sharing your children with us for this magical week!  We had a fabulous time and look forward to making more princess memories in the future!  It is truly a blessing to get to put on such a fun event for them and see the magic in their eyes!  I love it!  Oh and shout-out to my awesome sister who painted that backdrop for us!  It never fails to amaze me every year when I hang it up!  Love you!  Thanks again to all involved!  Looking forward to next summer!!!   


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