Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cousin Visit!

Last weekend Haven's cousins were here visiting!  We always love to spend time with Grayson and Garner.  They are too cute!  Grayson is 4 now and talks non-stop!  He has the best imagination and is such a sweet boy.  Garner is 20 months and adorable!  She is really into waving at everyone she sees, multiple times a day.  Ha!  And if I get down on her level and open my arms up, she comes running for a hug!  I just love them.  And it's really neat to watch the 3 of them play now that Haven can walk and try to keep up!  Here's some pictures from one of our days together!

Poppy loves Haven!

Breaking for lunch with Grandma, Uncle Ben, and Aunt Valerie!

Eat that lunch Grayson!  Ha!

Wonder if Haven will ever have that much hair?

"Hey Dad, get in the pool!"

 Bahahaha it was COLD!

Love these two so much!

This guy in his pink goggles (awesome!) had some pretty good skills off the diving board!

This girl's a little fish too!

All done swimming... I'll get in a picture one of these days...

Precious girl!

Time for some snacks and tv time!  We're pooped!

"Hey cuz, whatcha got over there?"  Ha!

Cheeks full of grapes!

All 3 of them loving some Mickey Mouse Club!

Lounging and frowning hahaha...

Happy again!

Sword and the Stone came on and Grayson thought it would be scary so he went in the playroom.  But then he watched through the window!  Hysterical!

Baby girl loves her Daddy!

What a fun weekend it was!  Praise Grandma and Poppy for the times they had all 3 of them by themselves!  We love cousin time!

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  1. Gosh she is such a big girl now! I want to playyy!!!