Sunday, August 28, 2011

3 Months Old!

Dear Haven,

I can't believe you are 3 months old!  Like usual, time is flying.  You are such a JOY!  You are so smiley all the time now.  I love to lay you on the couch next to me and interact with you.  You make the funniest noises and sweetest faces.  You move your arms and legs around so much and you just seem so excited.  We moved you into your own room when we got back from the Haven World Tour and you have done great in there ever since.  It was really hard for me to not have you in the room with us anymore.  I loved being able to take a peek at you at all hours of the night, and getting up with you in the morning was so easy.  However, ever since we moved you, you have been sleeping 8-10 hours a night!    You don't make a peep (knock on wood) from the time we put you down at 10ish til between 6-8am the next morning.  It is fabulous!  So all in all, you are sleeping better and so are we.  Still on a sleeping note, you have become a cat-napper during the day.  Several 20-30 minute naps have become the norm and you hardly ever nap in your crib.  You will sleep on the couch next to me while I work or in the swing, but put you in that crib and I barely get out of the room before you scream.  It's ok though, I will take the 8-10 hours a night any day!  Lately you have started turning your cheek into me, as if you want to kiss me.  It's the cutest thing... I have a video of it I will post.  I still have newborn clothes in your dresser that I am dreading packing up.  And now you're getting so long that your 3 month sleepers aren't going to fit for much longer!  Slow down baby girl!  I'm sure I'll keep saying that for the rest of your life.  That and, I love you SO much!  3 month photo shoot...

How bout that face?!

And a couple just for fun...
On our way to a Tippi Toes open house... how cute are you?!

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