Friday, August 12, 2011

Haven World Tour Leg 1

First, we had to get ready for our trip.  Look what I found in the laundry!
Then we headed to Southaven, MS, a suburb of Memphis.  Russell and I were nervous about how Haven would do in the car, but she did great!  As soon as we hit the highway she was asleep.  We stopped twice to feed her and she woke up just long enough to eat and then was back asleep as soon as the car was rolling.  Sweetness.  This sweet lady was anxiously awaiting our arrival!  Nonna has had quite a year in and out of the hospital with surgeries that went wrong and all sorts of stuff.  We were so looking forward to seeing her and seeing her light up when she held our sweet girl!  And man, it was precious.  One reason I wanted to start having kids at a younger age is so that my precious grandparents could meet my children!  I remember several of my great-grandparents and I think that is such a neat thing!
I must also mention that her mother was full Italian.  Which means this lady is a FABULOUS cook.  We had homemade lasagna and it may be the best thing I've eaten in a really, really long time.
She recently got this little cutie.  He had so much energy in a tiny body and was so fun!
You know Russell and dogs... so there was a lot of playing going on!
This is my Uncle Ronnie and cousin Shelley.  I didn't get a picture of my cousin Cameron. :( But they surprised us!  They live an hour or so away and when we were about to eat dinner, Shelley and Cameron came through the door!  I was so surprised and excited!  Uncle Ronnie was surprised too when he got home from a business trip later that night.  It was so funny, Uncle Ronnie just kept saying how unreal it was that I have a baby!  
What a sweet face!  His name is Marco!
Nonna is my Dad's mom.  Wish he could be in this picture to show 4 generations!!  So fun!!  Also wish I would have chosen to wear makeup for this picture.  Fail.  Oh well!
We enjoyed every minute of our visit, but unfortunately it was way too short.  Which means we'll just have to go visit again soon!  Leg 2 and 3 of the Haven World Tour to come...

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