Saturday, August 13, 2011

Haven World Tour Leg 2

Nonna said this was the first time she had company and didn't want them to leave!  Ha!  We didn't want to leave either, but unfortunately we only had 7 days for this world tour!  Next we were off to Mandeville, a suburb north of New Orleans, to visit my parents.  It's hard to believe I went to visit them this time last year to help move them into their house!  Lots has changed in a year!  We pulled up in the driveway and my parents and brother couldn't even wait inside for us, they greeted us at the car!  And Gammie was just itching to get this girl out of the carseat! :)
Back before we knew the sex of the baby, I had a couple onesies made by Sew Many Ties for my dad aka Bozzy.  He was excited to see Haven sporting his name!  Love this pic! 
There was a lot of this going on those few days...
Getting ready to burp... I just thought this one was funny.
One night we were there, we went to eat seafood with Libby, my dad's step-mom.  Look at these crazy crab legs she had!  I had boiled shrimp (YUM!) but my mom had to take the heads off for me b/c they absolutely gross/freak me out.  Yes, I am 25 and have my own child, but my mother still does the gross things for me like decapitating shrimp.  Thanks Mom!
Libby getting some sugar!
Pretty girls!
The next day, I let my baby brother drive me to Subway.  It was the first time I had ridden with him behind the wheel.  It was veeeeerrrryyyyyy strange.  But he did great!  Just a little jerky on a couple stops. ;)  Love you! 
My 2 Loves!
Uncle Spencer and his favorite (only) niece.  Look at her face in this picture, hysterical!
Haven showing you her bubble making skills....
My brother turned 17 while we were there.  It was SO great to be there on his actual birthday since that probably hasn't happened in several years.  I gave him a card that said something about reaching deep into my pockets for his birthday... and there was a piece of lent taped to the inside.  Ha!  He laughed but was legitimately disappointed there was no cash in the card... until I pulled some out of pocket and made him happy again.  Oh, teenagers. :)  P.S.  Check out his "letter opener" aka huge dagger of a knife.  Ha!
Proud Bozzy!
 Proud Gammie!
So it was really hard to leave there too.  I wish they lived around the corner and could see Havey-baby just whenever they felt like it.  Thank goodness for Skype.  :)  Now we just gotta get working on a way to pass the baby through the computer screen.  Haven World Tour Leg 3 next... lots of kiddos will be in that post!

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  1. So fun! The Haven World Tour is the greatest idea ever.