Sunday, August 28, 2011

Haven and Copper!

Copper's breeder turned friend of ours, Jody, sent Haven this adorable onesie!  It says "My best friend is a Brittany."  Isn't it precious?!

I have been anxious to put her in it once it fit and have a Haven/Copper photo shoot!  If you have ever been around Copper, you may think that is a crazy idea.  But I assure you he is like a different animal around Haven!  It's like he just knows she's delicate and he can't mess with her.  In fact, I think these pictures are funny b/c when we were posing them, he looked so confused like, "you don't usually let me get this close!"  Ha!  So we took this one first...

And then we managed to get this one!  I wish his ears would have been forward, but it was like he was so concerned that we were putting her on him that he wouldn't just relax!  Ha!  He had just been to the groomer's so he had a nice little handkerchief too!  Give Haven a few months and I'm sure she'll be crawling all over him... it will be interesting to see what he thinks about that!  Love my two babies :)

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