Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple Festival

2 weekends ago, all of Russell's family came in town (and some friends!) and we made the trek to Arkansas for the Apple Festival (minus Russell b/c he had to work)!  My in-laws have been going to this festival for 30+ years and their whole family has some very fond memories of the event.  Though the festival has changed over the years, it is still so much fun to embrace the tradition!!  They also always go to AQ Chicken House in Springdale after the festival and it is SO yummy!  Russell and I have been to the Apple Festival once before when we were dating (wish I could find that picture!), but this was my first trip since then and Haven's 1st trip ever!  Unfortunately Haven didn't have the best time... very limited nap time (never good!) and by the afternoon she had developed quite a fever!!  Yikes!  Thankfully some tylenol perked her up for dinner, but the poor girl was struggling to be happy all day.  The super cold weather that day didn't help matters much either, but even with everything working against us, I still managed to have a good time!

Haven already not feeling good... but seriously how precious is Garner in that hat?!

The young, no-kids, recent-college-grads crew...

Mommy was not prepared for the cold so Grandma bought Haven this awesome neon, adult-sized hat for the day!  Haha!  Her spirits lifted a little when eating apples with Poppy...

By far the best part of the trip... apple on a string competition.  I was just really wishing Russell was there b/c you know we would have been all about competing!  Andra & Ryan dominated!!!

Too little too late for Ben & Valerie... this game was hilarious!!

The traditional picture on the church steps... not quite as easy with 3 kiddos as you can see...

Oh well, we tried. :)  Haven's favorite part of the day - dinner!!  Especially the corn on the cob!

Get it girl!  Haha!  Even with a cranky toddler, I still so enjoyed the time with family.  I am so blessed to have such a sweet 2nd family!!!  Love you Friskes!

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