Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This little girl loves any excuse to go to the park, but actually going with friends makes it extra fun and exciting!  Our first Mommy play date since Haven started walking and it was a blast!  It is guaranteed to be fun when you have other Mommy friends like mine!  Here's my girl excited to make her way to the playground...

So who joined us, you ask?  Some LifeGroup friends, that's who!  Remember this time last year (to the day...I promise I didn't plan that - cool coincidence!) I posted about our LifeGroup babies.  Here they are 1 year ago!  So tiny!

Kalliope, Blaine, Haven

And here they are now!



Haven, obviously :)
I'm tellin ya, time is flying!  Hard to believe those tiny babies are now little toddlers!  Here's to many more play dates!!!  Chrystal, my sincerest apologies for not getting a pic of Kiptyn!  I think he was such a daredevil that I couldn't keep up! :)  Love my LifeGroup and these sweet kiddos! 

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