Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OSU Homecoming 2012

This past weekend Russell and I were spoiled with a date day in the great town of Stillwater, OK!  While Aunt Rissa was doing an awesome job babysitting this sweet thing...

We were wearing orange, getting nostalgic, and cheering on our Cowboys!  Go Pokes!  We missed Homecoming Walkarounds this year, so we did our own mini walkaround to most of the houses.  Then we met up with my sweet friend Bailey at the orange fountain!

We were lucky enough to have my in-laws 4 tickets so Bailey and a friend got to sit with us!  I love OSU football... but I love catching up with a girlfriend even more!  We got caught up on life, critiqued the pom squad, danced in the stands, and sang our alma mater together at the end.  Love you Bailey Anne!!! 

I also love my husband.  He sings the words to the fight song every time it's played, gets his keys out for kickoffs, and yells his little heart out the whole game.  He is so fun to be with at football games!  I love how much he gets into it!  Love you hubby!!!

BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC thank you to my sister for babysitting our sweet girl all day so we could fully enjoy OSU Homecoming!!  We came home with a souvenir for Haven too... an OSU cheerleader uniform!  I promise you'll get to see it soon.  She is precious!  Until then, GO POKES! 

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