Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Dance Class!

So Haven has been to a gazillion dance classes with me by now, but this was our first one where she was actually one of the students and not just observing!  We attended a Tippi Toes Toddler & Me dance class and had SO much fun!!!  She is technically a couple months too young, but being the owner and everything I made an exception. :)  She loved dressing up in her dance outfit, checking herself out in the mirror, and showing off her moves that she's been observing her whole life!  She's particularly good at shaking her booty, giving herself a hug, and pointing her toe.  And any song that required us to pretend to go to sleep... she had that down too.  She loved going around the room and admiring the other little girls dancing as well.  We had such a blast and will go back again soon!  And thanks to Sarah and Megan for the precious outfit!!  :)

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