Saturday, August 31, 2013

Haven Started Preschool!

Dear Haven,

You started 3-day/week preschool this week!  As much as I would rather have you stay at home with me, Tippi Toes needs more of my attention in order to be able to provide for you!  We also think it would be beneficial for you to get some interaction with other kids your age and other adults.  Not to mention, you will have fun!!  At least that's what I've been telling myself...

The weeks leading up to your first day were killer and so fun at the same time.  I wanted to soak up every minute with you and struggled with guilt about the whole situation.  But I know that ultimately, we are doing this for you.  So that you will grow and develop, so that we can be able to afford taking care of you (and future siblings for that matter!).  I'm sure some will think I'm being overdramatic about 3-day/week preschool, but let them think it.  It's a big deal when you're used to spending all day every day with the most precious love in your world. 

Fast-forward to your first day.  I wanted to be like all those other cute Moms and post pictures of you with a big happy smile and a chalkboard saying it was your first day.  Mom fail on a few levels.  I don't have a chalkboard and forgot to buy one.  I am not the one taking you to school in the mornings because of coaching pom, and let's just be honest - Daddy's photography skills are not the best.  I did leave the camera with him, but this is all we got.

Poor girl, you were not happy about your first day.  You clung to Daddy, screaming and crying, and they had to peel you off of him.  I knew that's how it would be and thank God I didn't have to be the one to drop you off, or I would have absolutely bawled my eyes out.  But when I got there to pick you up, you were SO happy to see me!  The teachers said after you calmed down, they didn't hear a whimper from you the rest of the day!  Hallelujah!  I was so relieved to hear that.  We had the sweetest conversation about your day.  "Haven play outside!  Haven ta-da!" (You went down the slide).  You said "boys be nice" with a look of disappointment, but after your 2nd day, said "boys nice!" with a smile.  Ha!  You talk about your lunch, your teachers, and "Haven night-night... shhhh."  So cute!  I love your ever-growing vocabulary and that I can actually get a sense of how your day was!  I love you!

A few other things of note... you LOVE the things you have to take to school - your backpack and Tink lunch box!

Your teachers asked us to make a poster about you so I have officially completed my first Mommy homework!  I'm not gonna lie... I LOVED doing this for you. :)

You also made your first school art project!  I have fridge artwork!! :)

Overall, it was a fabulous week.  Every day when I picked you up and asked if you had a good day, you replied with an emphatic 2-syllable "Yeah!"  I got so much work done that I never could have possibly completed with you at home, so I know we are doing the right thing!  Daddy and I love you so much and want nothing but the best for you.  I truly believe we have taken the first step towards making that happen.  I'm looking forward to carnivals, Christmas performances, Daddy-daughter events, and all the other fun things that come along with school.  It's going to be a great year!  We'll get that cute first-day-of-school picture next year. ;)  We love you Haven Jane!

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  1. So sweet!! I bet she will begin to LOVE going. Zoe absolutely loves her daycare and her teachers and friends but there are still some days that she clings to us like a little monkey when we drop her off. :( Always miss her like crazy, too.
    She will make lots of friends and talk about them and tell you all kinds of crazy things! It's so fun. :) Girls LOVE to talk and I LOVE that!!