Saturday, August 3, 2013

Posing, Eating, Dancing... and Admiring Piano Man's Hair.

So like I was saying, we are all dressed up and that is a rare event!  So let's smile and look pretty!

Friend and wedding coordinator extraordinaire, Channing!


Momma and her girls!

Sweet Daddy!

The original Boswell 5. :)

Plus Nathan!
Pretty sisters!

Cousin pic!

Gorgeous, happy couple!

How attractive are they?!  I mean seriously!
The rehearsal dinner was at a yummy Italian place, complete with a piano man!  This guy was pretty awesome.  I wish he was at my rehearsal dinner!  Some good tunes, and that hair!  Love it.

Hahaha I wish this wasn't blurry.
 And for your viewing pleasure... an impromptu sister dance.

Time to get some rest, wedding day is next!

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