Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Wedding Time!

Where to begin?  It was beautiful.  Every moment of it.

Before the wedding started, I was super nervous about my sweet Haven as the flower girl, but we walked down the aisle together and she was a champ.  Talking, walking, twirling, shaking her new bracelet from Aunt Rissa, and not caring about the hundreds of eyes on her.  Go Haven!  Another special note, her dress was made by my very own pledge sister Val!  It was so gorgeous and Haven loved her new "pretty tutu dress."  That flower was supposed to go around her wrist, but she wasn't having it so we made it a belt!  Ha!  More about this sweet girl later...

 The ceremony was wonderful.  The pastor did a fabulous job tailoring it to the two of them and it was just so sweet.  I was grinning ear to ear the entire time, watching my sweet sister marry the man of her dreams.  I love seeing her so happy and I just couldn't stop smiling!  Thankfully Haven sat with Daddy and ate all the food he had in his pockets.  Smart man he is to be prepared like that!  I grabbed her for the super fun exit to "Signed Sealed Delivered" and we danced a bit down the aisle.  The first thing she said to me was "I eat chips!"  Woop!  Ok back to the gorgeousness of this day... check out the bride and groom!

Bobarikin Photography

And the wedding party!  Love the colors!

Bobarikin Photography
Time for the real fun to begin!  Strike up the band and let's dance!  If there is a dance floor, my big family is all over it.  So fun watching my uncles, cousins, etc. bust some moves!  Haven was literally on the dance floor ALL NIGHT.  She didn't want to be anywhere else!  What can I say, she gets that from her Momma!

She was enamored with "Rissa pretty dress" and followed her around all night.  It was too cute!  She even did some middle-of-the-circle dancing on her own and this Momma was proud!  Ha!  Where my camera was for that?  Who knows.

More about these two in my next post... but how adorable are they?!

And these two too!  One of the sweetest moments at the reception was when Nathan got up with the band and sang "Something in the Way She Moves" to Marissa.  I had no idea the boy could sing and it was awesome!  And so perfect.  Wish I had it on video! 

Speaking of video... that's my next post!

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