Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let's Rehearse!

My sweet sister has been a married woman for 2 weeks now!  It's about time I get to blogging about it, sheesh!  Unfortunately I took way more pictures at the rehearsal than the actual wedding, so we'll start there!

My sister was just RADIANT the entire wedding weekend.  You know that "wedding glow" you hear about bride's having?  She had it all over her.  Happy, gorgeous girl, with so much love in her heart - both for her groom, our sweet Daddy, and the rest of our family and her family-to-be.  Oh gosh, I'm getting sappy and won't be able to finish this...  Sucking it up!

Ok so back to her glowing... she wore a dress that my mom wore to her own wedding rehearsal.  (And I made that ribbon bouquet for her!) :)

Just to provide some proof here... look what I found!  So fun!

The venue was just perfect.  So Marissa.  An art gallery that gave her full release to decorate however she wanted.  The white walls provided the clean, simplistic look she was going for.  I just loved it!  Here's some pics of the space before flowers, food, etc.

And my very favorite, the wall of R's.  My grandpa cut out all of these R's and Marissa passed them out to family members, wedding party, etc. to decorate.  It was such a cool idea and came together beautifully!  So cool to look at and think of all the time and effort put in my different people that are special to them!  Love it!

Ok back to rehearsing... I didn't take a good picture of it, but my grandpa also made this AWESOME arch that they got married under.  Can you tell he is a talented man?!  The florist came in and added flowers to it and it was just gorgeous.  The perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

These little guys... so adorable.  Nathan and Marissa's nephews!  Wyatt carried the ring bearer pillor that my mom made, complete with lace from my grandma's wedding dress!  So special!  And Silas carried a "Here She Comes" sign.  Too cute!  Haven was the flower girl, but skipped out on the rehearsal.  Thankfully just winging it turned out wonderful!  More on that later.

Rehearsal:  Check!  We very rarely get all dressed up in this family so we had to take some pics!  I think I'll save those for the next post...

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