Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8 Months Old!

Dear Haven,

I love you so much.  What a fun month it has been.  I have loved every stage, but your 8th month of life has just been super enjoyable.  Why you ask?  Let's see... you smile all. the. time.  You are such a happy baby and so interactive.  Sometimes you even just laugh at me for no reason.  I am apparently funny-looking. :)  You are ticklish under your arms and on your thighs and the giggles are to die for.  You love all kinds of toys and I love watching you play!  You have also become very cuddly this month.  Laying your head on Daddy and I's shoulder when you get tired and laying back and relaxing with us on the couch.  Sometimes you do a little bashful face where you smile and turn your cheek.  It is so cute.  You're just the sweetest baby.  You are not crawling yet, which to be honest is another reason why I am loving this stage.  You sit happily in one place and play with your toys and I can get lots done!  And play with you too. :)  As much fun as it will be to see you get on the move, I am not excited about all the cleaning, safety concerns, etc that comes with that.  So for now, I am loving my happy-to-sit-still baby girl.  You are doing great with baby food.  Your most recent favorite is turkey and vegetables.  You're still not a big fan of fruit... I have to hide it in your cereal and if I use too much, you refuse to eat it.  I'm sure one day you will realize what you have been missing out on!  You are also doing better at night!  Sleeping all night a few nights a week.  I can't figure you out to make it an every night thing, so I am just thankful when it happens!  Another fun thing is I started coaching Union JV Pom this month.  The same squad I was on 10 (10?!) years ago!  Practices are in the early morning so Daddy keeps you 3 days a week and then you come with me 2 days a week.  You love to watch the pom girls and they love to watch you!  It is a temporary thing for now, but I am having a blast and hoping it will become permanent!  What else... unfortunately you have had a cold off and on this entire month, but thankfully it hasn't bothered you too much.  You have just become friends (enemies?) with the snot sucker.  You are good now, so I'm hoping we're finally over it... until you catch the next cold.  What else is winter for anyway?  I don't have any stats on you as our next dr appt is in March, but you are getting heavy!  You are in 6-9 and 9 months clothes.  I finally packed up all your tiny stuff for the attic last weekend and had a moment.  Time has never gone by faster in my life.  You are growing too fast!  And let's not forget to mention your talking skills.  You are quite the babbler!  "Ma-ma," "ba-ba," and "da-da" mostly plus what Daddy calls your dolphin noise that when someone mimics you doing that, you think it's hilarious!  As always you are an absolute joy and we are having a blast.  Daddy's new job allows him to be home more which has been such a blessing to our little family.  We love you so much and are so blessed that God has trusted us with you!  Here's to another month of absolute baby bliss!  

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